Standard Based-Grading

At YPICS, our vision is to provide students with authentic learning experiences that will help them create and seize opportunities in their communities.
  1. Research-Based
  2. Individualized Learning
  3. Project-Based
  4. Growth Is The Goal
  5. Empowering
Here are the basics you need to know about standards-based grading:
  • Assignment scores are 0 through 4. A “3” is the goal for all assignments.
  • Report cards will still show traditional scores (A, B, C, etc).
  • Students will have multiple opportunities to prove mastery of skills throughout a unit of study.
  • Rubrics and conferencing are very important so the teacher can mentor students.
  • It’s what you know that’s important, not how much work you complete. We’re going for mastery!
  • Growth is the goal! It’s okay if students start out with lower scores (0, 1, 2). If they work hard, the goal is to grow to a 3 or a 4.


Students in German elective created their own children’s books in German! They wrote their stories in English, translated to German, and then used animation techniques,...
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