Our People

All adult emails are constructed using mr or ms + last name + the ‘@’ symbol + coronacharter.org. For example, “mrharvey@coronacharter.org”.


5th Grade 

  • Nalley Bravo, 5th Grade

6th Grade

  • Alejandra Arce, 6th Grade Math & Science
  • Tania Espinoza, 6th Math & Science
  • Zeahna Young, 6th English & Social Studies
  • Mariana Contreras, 6th English & Social Studies
  • Joseph Arreola, 6th Communications

7th Grade

  • Tom Campana, 7th Grade English & Social Studies
  • Heather Villegas, 7th Grade English & Social Studies
  • TBA, 7th Math
  • Orit Yefet, 7th Science

8th Grade

  • Monica M. Garcia, 8th Grade Math
  • Allison Murphy, 8th History
  • Kevin Matson, 8th English
  • Joshua Rubin, 8th Science
  • Dan Centofanti, 8th Visual Arts & Technology

Physical Education 

  • TBA, Physical Education


  • Sherri Preston, Resource Teacher
  • Kevin Kuo, Resource Teacher
  • Hector Rosas, Resource Teacher

If you wish to make an appointment to meet with a teacher, please contact the main office at 818-834-5805 or use our contact form.


  • Diana Gámez, Director of Operations
  • Ryan Bradford, Coordinator of Instruction
  • Kirk Takeyama, Coordinator of School Culture & Climate
  • Diana Orozco, Program Coordinator

Support Staff

  • Anahi Heredia, Office
  • Diana Palomarez, Office
  • Elida Gachuzo, Records
  • Francisco Covarrubias, Parent Programs Outreach
  • Rahab Trejo, SCC Manager
  • Josue Villanueva, Supervision
  • David Sabedra, Facilities