Outreach Programs

Parents are a child’s first teacher. Preparing a child for school starts the day you bring them home from the hospital. When children start school, an intense collaboration begins. Parents and school staff begin to share the responsibility for educating the child. A child’s success in school depends on the success of this partnership. At Bert Corona Charter School, Parents are Partners. BCCS develops this partnership through the Parent Engagement Program.

The Bert Corona Charter School’s Parent Engagement Program (PEP) empowers parents to take a proactive role in their child’s education through advocacy, support, and knowledge.

The BCCS Parent Engagement Program (PEP) focuses on creating a positive school environment that encourages parent engagement by providing interactive workshops, field trips, community service and leadership opportunities that:

Engages parents throughout their child’s academic career.
Helps parents to understand and support adolescent development (emotionally, socially, & physically).
Helps parents maneuver the American educational system.

As a result, Bert Corona Charter School parents will support and guide their student to be college ready, active citizens, and lifelong learners.

Programs and informational meetings offered to parents:

Parent Summer Bridge Program
This workshop consists of four sessions for 6th grade parents designed to help with the transition from elementary to middle school. The topics covered are: transition changes, organization, study support tips, and parent’s emotional support towards students.

Back-to-School Night
All students and parents at YPI Charter Schools are invited to attend Back-to School Night. At this event the parents are informed of the expectations for the school year for both administration and teachers. Parents meet their own child’s teachers and are able to view a 10-minute presentation per subject area.

PowerSchool Training
PowerSchool is an online database where parents are able to login and track their student’s attendance, homework and grades. In addition to the training, parents received a PowerSchool Training Reference Sheet (in both English and Spanish), an effort to better facilitate easier access to their child’s grades and homework at home. All workshops are available in both morning and evening sessions.

Cosas y Mas
In this particular session school administration explain the grading policy and expectations for parent participation. Grading policy changes and there are certain guidelines students should follow to be eligible for promotion we explained this to parents in this meeting. We inform them of the different opportunities they have to complete their 30 hours of parent involvement. This meeting is led by all administration and it is offered in the morning and evening.

Padres Comprometidos workshop
In this 9-week workshop series, parents reviewed how to navigate the educational system at Bert Corona Charter and discussed how No Child Left Behind and Academic Yearly Progress affect their child’s education. This series is offered mornings and nights.
Topics Discussed:
· Adolescence challenges (scenarios on behavior changes)
· Peer pressure (drugs, sex, parties)
· Bullying and its effects (definition and examples)
· Knowing school system and being an advocate
(Procedure for parent)
· Reading students progress reports
· Road to college (explain the expectations to enter college)
· Financial aid assistance
· 2nd part on financial aid
· Motivation for student success and culmination (review & celebration)

Coffee With The Directors
In this meeting, parents have an opportunity to meet with administration over coffee and ask questions on student’s concerns or campus concerns. All administration at is present and it is offered mornings and nights.

Understanding Your Testing
In this workshop parents learn how to read student test scores and have an opportunity to discuss the data. This workshop is offered in the morning and evening.

Parent Advisory
This meeting is an opportunity for parent leaders to report the projects they have been working on. All the parent committees share out their monthly reports. This meeting is held in the morning and in the evening.

Parent Service Committee
There is a special parent service committee working on different service projects on a monthly basis to support the school community. Example parents gather to surprise teachers by cleaning their classrooms and making them look special for the children that attend. It is a service day for parents to participate.

Parent Conferences
Parents and students are given a set appointment where they are able to visit all the teachers for 10 minutes apiece. The parents are given guided questions to inquire about student strengths and challenges, or areas of growth.

Computer Literacy Class
This workshop series involves using EdTech (BTOP) curriculum designed for beginning students. In this series, parents are being introduced to Mac computers and utilizing the Microsoft Word application.

Zumba Class
In this 4-part workshop series, parents learned basic zumba movements
and nutrition basics from learning to read food labels, to understanding the food pyramid and portion control. The workshop series culminates with a graduation ceremony potluck for parents where only healthy food is served.

High School Informational Meeting
This is an informational meeting for parents and students regarding local high schools. At this meeting different presenters from different high schools speak about the focus and opportunities at their schools. This meeting is for 8th grade parents and students.

Parent Academic Success Workshop
In this 9-week workshop series, parents discuss topics such as understanding the nature of adolescents, understanding the effects of positive communication and how to build positive self-esteem, how important parental involvement relates to a child’s academic success, and how to prevent behaviors in students that have negative consequences. Thus far, parents enjoy learning from other parents’ personal experiences and benefit from the school and community resources available to them.

BCCS Lottery Night
Prospective 6th grade parents are invited to attend as they await the results of the lottery of knowing if their student got accepted.

Academic Contract Meeting
Parents of students facing the possibility of retention are asked to attend this meeting. During this meeting admin explains how students have an opportunity to attend Saturday program and to complete make up recovery packets in order for them to be able to promote to the next grade level. It is a successful night where parents agree to support their students who are struggling academically.