In an effort to provide student scholars with authentic learning opportunities, we base our instructional model on three key hallmarks: project-based learning, technology integration, service learning. Together, these hallmarks work to empower our students to be leaders and innovators in their communities.

Project-based Learning:

In order to engage our students and get them excited about their learning, our teachers plan units with projects in mind. When students are engaged in a project, they are able to practice their content standards, their critical thinking, and their problem solving skills. In addition, projects allow students a creative outlet and a way for them to include their personality in their work. When kids are engaged, they are learning. When kids are learning, they are able to grow- not just academically, but personally as well.

Technology Integration- 21 century learning

All students have access to computers in each classroom, and teachers are trained to incorporate technology into their instruction

Service Learning

Engaging in service to others is an integral part of the culture at Bert Corona Charter School. Using the Common Core Standards, teachers plan rigorous units that integrate service learning. Our citizen scholars look at themselves, their families, and their communities to determine assets and deficits, and then use problem solving skills to determine how they can create opportunities for growth in their communities. Service learning allows students to connect culturally to the curriculum and content of the classrooms, thus improving academic achievement and personal growth.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ― Mahatma Gandhi