The YPICS Approach to Education

Rigorous Academics
At YPI Charter Schools we seek to ensure that our Citizen Scholars have the skills they need to be successful in their college educations and in their careers.  We utilize our hallmarks to ensure our students have authentic learning opportunities that will help prepare them for the future.  Through enhanced technology learning, project-based learning, service learning, and parent engagement we prepare our Citizen Scholars to be lifelong learners who are ready for college and for their careers.

Support for All Learners
One value and belief that is very important to us is that all kids have the ability to learn and should have the support they need to be successful in school.  The needs of every child are different, and YPICS is dedicated to ensuring that all students have equitable access to learning opportunities.  Through project-based learning and an inclusive program, all students work together in general education classrooms to access the rigorous learning required by the California Standard which will push them to their highest potential.  We dedicate time during professional development to analyze student data and outcomes to determine the best ways to support all learners.  We leverage our partnerships and experience in the community to build programs that foster responsibility, creativity, cultural connections, active citizenship, and college readiness.

Wrap Around Services to Support the Whole Learner
We ask all of our Citizen Scholars to follow three basic behaviors at YPICS: Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful.  Safety is first in the line because if a student does not feel safe and secure, less (if any) learning will take place.  Our schools place tremendous importance on serving the “whole child,” meaning academics are only part of what we pour into our kids.  Our positive support plan includes counseling,  incentives, celebrations, trips, and even administrators shaving their heads, all with the goal of making our schools places where students can be safe and happy and are therefore poised to learn.  Once our Scholars feel safe and comfortable in their own skin, we push them to become citizens who are outwardly focused, looking to serve their community as change agents who seek out opportunities to positively impact others.

Teaching Excellence
Out of all the stakeholders who impact a child’s education, none are more valuable than parents and teachers.  We work with our teachers to build excellence and expertise in their fields.  Constant feedback, support and reflection are provided to teachers through consistent professional development, professional learning communities, and through intentional and meaningful observations.  To provide a structure for teacher growth, we employ the Marzano model of teaching and learning through our annual study of The Art and Science of Teaching and through observations using the iObservation platform.  Using these tools, teachers can set professional goals, consult and conference with colleagues, and track their progress and growth over time.  We are dedicated to teacher expertise and excellence because we know their growth will ultimately impact student learning and growth.

Excellence in Leadership
We believe that students and teachers thrive in an environment where they are supported.  The administrative leadership team is dedicated to supporting our students and teachers with resources from our own experiences and through support from community partners.  Using practices and structures outlined in Leverage Leadership by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo, we consistently reflect and refocus to ensure that the priorities of the organization are present in the classrooms and in the day to day work of our team.  Our number one goal is support for all teachers and all learners.

Sustainable Growth
At YPI Charter Schools, we strive to build leaders in our school community.  This effort is consistent for all stakeholders: parents, students, teachers, and staff.  Our desire is to create a community where all members take responsibility for their own learning and growth; this ownership will cultivate motivation, learning and growth for all stakeholders and will in turn ignite consistent and sustainable growth in our community.